Melita Kauntze

Melita Kauntze

Clinic Manager

As the practice manager, Melita is not only responsible for ensuring the clinic runs smoothly, but also for making sure our patients feel comfortable and receive the highest level of care by helping manage all the logistical aspects of their journey to better health. Melita also organises our regular professional development events to ensure our practitioners are up to date with the latest procedures and techniques. Outside the clinic, Melita is a super mum to her three children.


What Melita's patients say

“After years of back pain I finally got help, and I’m so glad I came here. My issues were diagnosed and a strategy was formulated to overcome it, and one year on it’s been an enormous change; I can completely live with how I feel now which I couldn’t before. I wish I had come here sooner.”

“My 8 year old son tore some knee ligaments at a trampoline party (yes) and Marion was absolutely superb at dealing with the aftermath after NHS had done their thing. With a child it can be tricky to embed the routines required for recovery, but after the first session it was evident that Marion had performed nothing short of a miracle. Her bedside manner was brilliant and my son responded so well to her precise manipulation that he only really needed one more session after that. I cannot recommend Marion highly enough.”

“Back pain cured in 3 visits. I got an appointment very quickly. First visit virtually cured my back problem, 2 more and my back is now the best it has been for 20 years. I had a similar problem 10 years ago it took months to get better. The problem was never really solved despite multiple visits to different Physios and doctors costing a fortune. Thank you”

“I first met Harry for a consultation 5 years ago with back pain which was causing me problems walking. After several visits the pain relief was unbelievable and I was walking normally without pain within 4 weeks. Being in the building trade and in my 60’s over the years I have been a regular visitor to both Harry and Siân with different problems, on each occasion they have always been able to sort me out and get me pain free.”

“I’ve seen Sian a number of times over the past few months and I cannot thank her enough for her expertise and empathetic approach. She has helped me to better understand more about how my body is working, and how my symptoms are connected which has been central to my recovery. Thank you Sian.”