Marion Vey

Marion Vey


Marion discovered her passion for osteopathy at an early age, after it helped her recover from minor injuries – and get the best out of her performances – as a young artistic gymnast. Now a registered osteopath herself, Marion treats patients from 10 years of age upwards with all manner of physical conditions, but still has a particular interest in injury rehabilitation and sporting performance. Since graduating with her osteopathy degree from Oxford Brookes University in 2016, Marion has worked in an Oxford based clinic for over 7 years, helping thousands of patients on their road to recovery.

She is a highly experienced practitioner, offering a range of effective treatment techniques, including deep tissue massage, stretching, joint mobilisation and manipulations, as well as lifestyle advice and exercises to for patients to do at home. Registered with the General Osteopathic Council, Marion loves osteopathy’s hands-on, tailored treatment approach as well as the opportunity it gives her to meet people from all walks of life, and strongly believes it is a great way to empower people to have a better understanding of their bodies.

When she’s not busy helping patients in clinic, Marion – who is fluent in French, loves to travel and also enjoys exercising, whether it’s running, doing weights in the gym or harking back to her artistic gymnastics days by having a spin in an aerial hoop!


What Marion's patients say

“My 8 year old son tore some knee ligaments at a trampoline party (yes) and Marion was absolutely superb at dealing with the aftermath after NHS had done their thing. With a child it can be tricky to embed the routines required for recovery, but after the first session it was evident that Marion had performed nothing short of a miracle. Her bedside manner was brilliant and my son responded so well to her precise manipulation that he only really needed one more session after that. I cannot recommend Marion highly enough.”

“Highly recommend. I was in so much pain in my back that even the prescribed painkillers weren’t helping. One session with Marion and I was pain free. After the second appointment I felt better than before I’d pulled it. I am so happy to have found Bristol Back Pain Clinic and the benefits of osteopathy and am now a regular client.”

“I’d been suffering with severe hip pain for 2 months and needed help. Rather than wait for a GP appointment, then wait for just one physio phone call, I decided to be pro-active and get immediate help. Marion at The Bristol Back Pain Clinic explained how it was my lower back causing the hip pain and proceeded to stretch, manipulate and massage the afflicted parts, giving me relief even after my first visit. She researched my condition and had new treatments lined up for me during my next two visits. These worked a treat, and my mobility was almost back to 100%, so we agreed to leave a two week gap. My last treatment was a triumph because my mobility has returned to my normal pain free status-quo. THANK YOU!”