Treatment for posture or work related pain in South Bristol

At The Bristol Back Pain Clinic our chiropractors and osteopaths treat a wide variety of problems from back, neck and shoulder pain to headaches and migraine. More often than not, posture is the common cause. 

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Focus on posture related pain

Harry Kauntze, chiropractor at the Bristol Back Pain Clinic explains: “The human spine forms a double S shaped curve which is perfectly designed for active living. However increasingly our postures are changing as we adapt to our modern technology driven world and often more sedentary lifestyles. These changes in our body posture, caused by long periods of inactivity i.e. when using computers, tablets or phones for prolonged periods daily, or sitting in a car or at a desk for a long time without breaks, can increase the stresses on different parts of our spines. This strain can accumulate over days, months and years, leading to pain.”

Pain is a sign that the body, especially your spine can no longer cope and can have a huge impact on day to day life. 

In fact, back, neck and muscle pain is the primary cause of absence from work according to the Office for National Statistics

Treatment for posture & work related pain

Harry describes how treatment can help: “The good news is that postural problems are highly treatable. They are typically addressed by realigning the spine so your body can function properly again. However, identifying the cause of pain and giving our patients a clear explanation of the problem and how we can treat it are always the first steps to recovery.”

The Bristol Back Pain Clinic has a drug free approach, focusing instead on understanding the causes of pain and addressing them with a range of effective treatments to provide long term relief. These include joint mobilisations or adjustments, stretching and massage techniques, nutritional advice, relaxation techniques, home stretches and exercises. If required we can also order MRI and Xrays to assist diagnosis.

Pain associated with postural strain can feel like a muscle ache, stiffness or like there is a pinched nerve.  

Harry adds: “Pain is a sign that something is wrong. Most of the time people just put up with it or think painkillers are the only solution, but chiropractic or osteopathic treatment really can help get your body back on track. Most posture and work related pain is easily resolved so don’t put up with it any more, give the clinic a call to see if we can help.”

What our patients say

"I’ve had postural issues for years and compared to other services I’ve tried Sian has been amazingly helpful. Through a process of continual assessment, discussion and excellent treatment, she’s helped me to fundamentally manage my back, neck and jaw problems. Always attentive, inquisitive and flexible – I continue to see Sian (less frequently) to sustain the work she’s done and, very helpfully, she regularly reminds me of the importance of self-care by providing exercises to work on at home. I’d highly recommend her to anyone - thanks Sian!!"

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To promote good posture, try incorporating The British Chiropractic Association's Straighten Up UK programme into your daily routine. It's a series of simple exercises designed to improve posture and help prevent back pain by promoting balance, strength and flexibility in the spine – click here to find out more.

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