At the Bristol Back Pain Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering a friendly, caring and professional service and are dedicated to getting our patients out of pain and back to feeling their best, all while feeling listened to, supported and cared for along the way. But don't just take our word for it, see below for testimonials from just some of our clients who have been helped out of pain and back to their healthy selves by our highly skilled chiropractic and osteopathic team.

"After years of back pain I finally got help, and I’m so glad I came here. My issues were diagnosed and a strategy was formulated to overcome it, and one year on it’s been an enormous change; I can completely live with how I feel now which I couldn’t before. I wish I had come here sooner."

"Louisa and the Bristol Back Pain Clinic have honestly changed my life. I have suffered with headaches and very tight shoulders for nearly 8 years and not only has Louisa helped enormously with the pain, she has (through genuine care) reassured and validated how I feel - something that I have become unaccustomed to when going to other clinics. I’ve gone from experiencing headaches almost daily to once a month, if that, I sleep better, I am pain free most days and I feel like myself again. The treatment rooms are warm and friendly and every interaction I’ve had with the team has been positive. The appointment times are also so helpful, I can easily go before work or straight after without taking anytime off. I cannot recommend the Bristol Back Clinic enough and am looking forward to continuing with them, I only wish I’d invested in myself sooner."

"My 8 year old son tore some knee ligaments at a trampoline party (yes) and Marion was absolutely superb at dealing with the aftermath after NHS had done their thing. With a child it can be tricky to embed the routines required for recovery, but after the first session it was evident that Marion had performed nothing short of a miracle. Her bedside manner was brilliant and my son responded so well to her precise manipulation that he only really needed one more session after that. I cannot recommend Marion highly enough."

"Back pain cured in 3 visits. I got an appointment very quickly. First visit virtually cured my back problem, 2 more and my back is now the best it has been for 20 years. I had a similar problem 10 years ago it took months to get better. The problem was never really solved despite multiple visits to different Physios and doctors costing a fortune. Thank you"

"Highly recommend. I was in so much pain in my back that even the prescribed painkillers weren't helping. One session with Marion and I was pain free. After the second appointment I felt better than before I'd pulled it. I am so happy to have found Bristol Back Pain Clinic and the benefits of osteopathy and am now a regular client."

"I first met Harry for a consultation 5 years ago with back pain which was causing me problems walking. After several visits the pain relief was unbelievable and I was walking normally without pain within 4 weeks. Being in the building trade and in my 60’s over the years I have been a regular visitor to both Harry and Siân with different problems, on each occasion they have always been able to sort me out and get me pain free."

"I've seen Sian a number of times over the past few months and I cannot thank her enough for her expertise and empathetic approach. She has helped me to better understand more about how my body is working, and how my symptoms are connected which has been central to my recovery. Thank you Sian."

"When I first visited the Bristol Back Pain Clinic, I was in a lot of pain, needing painkillers from my GP and using a stick to hobble around. I felt great relief from your first treatment, and improved as we progressed. I am now back to playing golf again, and am delighted."

"Harry, Melita and the team at Bristol Back Pain Clinic have helped me tremendously with a neck/shoulder injury. I have had a number of sessions with Harry, and have found his advice and expertise really beneficial. Harry takes the time to explain exactly what is causing pain, and how it can be remedied. Melita is always extremely helpful and responsive. I would recommend Bristol Back Pain Clinic to anyone suffering with pain (and absolutely does not need to be a back injury)."

"Louisa was very friendly, knowledgeable and was a big help in relieving my pain. She listened when I mentioned my nerves as pain was very acute, and tailored her treatment to suit this with ease."

"I can't recommend Harry highly enough and found him to be a real life super hero. I had debilitating issues with my lower back and after the first session with Harry, things started to improve no end. Following a course of appointments over a few weeks, I am back to my best and it is like I never had any issues with my back."

"I have suffered with lower back pain for several years now. When I started work as a veterinarian my pain became worse and I had severe back spasms that would prohibit me from working. Since seeing Harry I have not had a back spasm; Harry has been a life saver. A great practitioner, he is very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. I highly recommend Harry and the BBPC. I don't know what I would do without them."

"Harry really helped me improve my injured shoulder using a mix of techniques and advice including acupuncture. I felt really well cared for with Harry's thoughtful approach, it took a while for me to see improvement but I trusted him completely to help me recover. He was excellent in terms of setting the right intervals between appointments which meant I could work on my injury myself and he could help to support at just the right time. I can't recommend the Bristol Back Clinic and Harry highly enough!"

"I started to see Harry because I had a very sore and stiff neck and suffered from severe headaches. The gentle way he treats you is very relaxing and there is no crunching and clicking - which can be a bit off-putting. With a combination of cranial work, massage and acupuncture - the headaches have almost gone. I have maintenance work every now and again just to release the pressure points and it is bliss when he releases a spot that is full of tension. Thank you Harry."

"My partner and I have been seeing Harry for over 2 years and would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to proactively look after themself in a holistic way. Harry's approach is a holistic one tailored to each client. I don't think I've ever had two visits the same and really feel like he responds to how I am each visit. We also took my baby boy to see Sian when he was just a few weeks old. She was so welcoming and calm and made the whole experience a very positive one - for me and my son. The way she works is so gentle and subtle but has a noticeable affect. I would highly recommend seeing her, particularly for a routine check for newborns."

"I attended The Bristol Back Pain Clinic with pretty serious lower back and calf strain which was hampering my running, training and drumming activities. Treatment sessions are always very effective, so much so I am now completely recovered to a point where my back is better than it has been for many years. With a stretching programme supplied by Harry I maintain my lower back flexibility and attend the Bristol Back Pain Clinic on occasion for maintenance treatment sessions. Harry has never tried to sell unnecessary sessions as I have experienced with other clinics over the years. This honesty and care is why I will always be a loyal customer and will recommend Harry and his clinic with confidence."

"I had been suffering with lower back pain for years, some days moving & bending were almost impossible. After an extremely painful weekend I got in touch with the Bristol Back Pain Clinic. Let’s just say I shuffled into my first appointment & walked out like a new man. Extremely professional & extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend to anyone."

“Great work. Got to the root of the issue not only relieving short term discomfort but giving me a considered plan that has led to a long term solution. Success where others had previously failed.”

"I've had four or five sessions with Harry and even from the very first session, it felt like someone had used a can of WD40 on my spine! He identified the cause of my back pain clearly and gave me stretches to do in between our sessions to keep the issue from returning. Very impressed."
"Very happy with the service and treatment Harry has given me. He took the time to help me understand what the problem was as well as give me some home stretches to alleviate the pain. I have had several appointments now and can now manage the pain rather than live with it."

"I had suffered with a bad back for several years. After only a few visits I was on the mend. I now wish I had not left it so long before going to see them. Thank you Harry for fixing my back!"

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