Headaches and Migraine

At the Bristol Back Pain Clinic, our chiropractors and osteopaths are experts in assessing and diagnosing headaches and migraines and run Bristol’s first weekly Headache Clinic to help the increasing numbers of patients affected by headaches. 

The word headache is a term used to describe the symptom of pain anywhere in the region of the head or the neck. Headaches have many different causes and can be very troubling. A clear diagnosis is needed, followed by an appropriate management plan.

Types of headache

There are many different types of headaches often comprised of many components that act as triggers to initiate the pain. Chiropractors and osteopaths approach headaches by first diagnosing the type of headache or migraine, then assessing the different triggers that cause them to see how we can help.

For example, a common component of cervicogenic headaches (headaches arising from the neck) is neck and shoulder stiffness and pain. Tension like this is often as a result of poor alignment in the spine, so treating this underlying problem can help reduce headache frequency. 

Drug free treatment for headaches and migraines

More often than not, people just put up with headaches or think painkillers are the only solution. However, while painkillers can provide a short term solution, NHS Choices advise that if you take them more than two or three times a week, they could start to become the cause of your headaches. At the Bristol Back Pain Clinic, we offer a drug free approach, instead using a range of the most proven and effective treatments for headaches including acupuncture, joint mobilisations or adjustments, stretching and massage techniques, nutritional advice, relaxation techniques, home stretches and exercises. 

Call us on 0117 9723 518 to book an appointment at our Headache Clinic or for a free, no obligation chat to find out how we can help you.

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